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Otros Terrarium plants


  1. goncalo
    We are close to make a terrarium plant order, right now the list is:

    Pyrrosia nummularifolia (climbing fern) adult plant - 20,65€
    Neoregelia schultsiana variagated - 5,00€
    Dendrobium loddigesii ORCHID - 10,50€
    Restrepia trichoglossa ORCHID - 14,00€
    Biophytum sensitivum (sensitive plant) medium plant - 7,00€
    Philodendron scandens "yellow" - 10,00€
    Pellionia obtusum (climber) - 10,50€
    Anthurium obtusum - 9,00€
    Monstera obliqua - 16,50€
    Pilea peperomioides - 19,00€

    All plants listed are rooted plants and not CUTTINGS !

    All plants are suitable for terrariums !

    If you want to add any plant to the list please feel free to contact us, if you are looking for any plant contact us we might be able to help [​IMG]=)


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